Love at second sight

I recently ordered and received this by mail:

IMG_20170531_094654 (1)


They are from Christopher Danielson- the person behind Talking Math With Your Kids (and other stuff).  You can check out the latest « playthings » for sale here.

Before getting these, I had the chance to play with different tiles at #MTBOS game night in San Francisco while I was there for the annual NCTM conference.  I remember playing with the tiles for a little bit, but nothing crazy.  They were fun to play with, but I wasn’t in love.

That has now changed.

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To say that I’ve had a hard time getting something down on virtual paper for a blog post would be an undersatement.  Looking back, the last time I wrote to share my thinking was December 15th, 2015.  In my draft list, I think I have about 40 « ideas » in waiting.  This current post was not part of the 40 things I’ve thought of saying but can’t get myself around to actually writing out.  No, this one jumped the queue, this is something that I felt compelled to write ahead of those others and actually publish today.

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L’aisance avec les faits numériques

Céline Renaud-Charette a présenté ce soir au sujet de l’aisance avec les faits numériques par l’entremise d’un Hangout en direct.  Cet événement a fait partie d’une rencontre virtuelle de l’AFEMO.

Voici l’enregistrement de sa présentation:

Voici l’historique Storify des Tweet.  Plusieurs Tweet contiennent des liens vers des articles, des jeux et d’autres ressources.