Unsolicited Support

This is not advice, but rather support to anyone that has gone (or will go) through what Mary describes in her recent blog post.  The negative voices that you face – the push back from students, teachers, parents, etc. – are most certainly real and they most certainly have an impact.  These can sometimes seem…… Poursuivre la lecture de Unsolicited Support

Co-Creating Progressions

* In what follows, I share what I typically do in order to co-construct learning progressions using student work. It is important to note that my current thinking is the result of (many) discussions, planning and leading PD with my colleagues- Mélanie, Stéphanie, Karine and Fabrice- at the school board.  It also stems from professional…… Poursuivre la lecture de Co-Creating Progressions

Well being

So… an interesting thing happened about two weeks ago. I suffered a heart attack after playing hockey.  It wasn’t the dramatic « get the defribrilator and call an ambulance » type of heart attact that you think about, but rather a type of chest pain that resembled severe heartburn.  I drove myself, and a teamate, home after…… Poursuivre la lecture de Well being

A Question

Inspired by Michael Fenton’s tiny resolution to ask more questions, I have one of my own that I would like to get other people’s ideas and opinions on in order to further my reflection: What are the criteria that define a « culture of inquiry »? I ask this question because we often through around the word « culture »…… Poursuivre la lecture de A Question

Love at second sight

I recently ordered and received this by mail:   They are from Christopher Danielson- the person behind Talking Math With Your Kids (and other stuff).  You can check out the latest « playthings » for sale here. Before getting these, I had the chance to play with different tiles at #MTBOS game night in San Francisco while I was…… Poursuivre la lecture de Love at second sight


To say that I’ve had a hard time getting something down on virtual paper for a blog post would be an undersatement.  Looking back, the last time I wrote to share my thinking was December 15th, 2015.  In my draft list, I think I have about 40 « ideas » in waiting.  This current post was not part…… Poursuivre la lecture de Affected

C’est relatif- une tâche en 3 actes

  *** Un grand merci à… Graham Fletcher for advice, guidance and video editing Norma Gordon and Elham Kazemi for feedback Mike Flynn and the « members » of the virtual PLC for their reflections, ideas and questions on 3 act tasks C’est relatif Acte 1 Visionner la vidéo: Que remarques-tu? / Quelle(s) question(s) te poses-tu? Quelle est…… Poursuivre la lecture de C’est relatif- une tâche en 3 actes


Niveaux: 1re, 2e année / Domaine(s): Numération et sens du nombre / Tag: estimation, raisonnement spatial ACTE 1 Que remarques-tu?  Quelle(s) question(s) te poses-tu? Question ciblée: Combien de pinces peuvent rentrer dans la boîte? ACTE 2 Quelles informations aimerais-tu savoir pour répondre à la question?   ACTE 3 Réponse vidéo: Réponse photo:

L’aisance avec les faits numériques

Céline Renaud-Charette a présenté ce soir au sujet de l’aisance avec les faits numériques par l’entremise d’un Hangout en direct.  Cet événement a fait partie d’une rencontre virtuelle de l’AFEMO. Voici l’enregistrement de sa présentation: Voici l’historique Storify des Tweet.  Plusieurs Tweet contiennent des liens vers des articles, des jeux et d’autres ressources. //storify.com/Pierre_Tranche/l-aisance-avec-les-faits-numerique-celine-r-c/embed?header=false//storify.com/Pierre_Tranche/l-aisance-avec-les-faits-numerique-celine-r-c.js?header=false[View the story « L’aisance avec…… Poursuivre la lecture de L’aisance avec les faits numériques

They’re related- an attempt at a 3-Act Task

THEY’RE RELATED Math: « converting » from one non-standard unit to another non-standard unit; proportional reasoning ACT 1 Watch the video: What do you notice?  What do you wonder? How many orange rods does it take to span the length of the table? How long is the table? Write an estimate you know is too high. Write…… Poursuivre la lecture de They’re related- an attempt at a 3-Act Task