A Question

Inspired by Michael Fenton’s tiny resolution to ask more questions, I have one of my own that I would like to get other people’s ideas and opinions on in order to further my reflection:

What are the criteria that define a « culture of inquiry »?

I ask this question because we often through around the word « culture » and the word « inquiry » in the context of the classroom, the school and the teaching profession.  But do we even agree on what they mean? Or are we assuming and therefore often discussing/arguing about different things when we engage in conversation?  If we don’t have a shared understanding, how can we work together toward a shared goal?

Some sub-questions to deepen our discussion:

  • Is a culture of inquiry our vision for our schools? Our profession? Our leadership?
  • Who is involved? or Who should be involved?
  • In this different from « learning through inquiry »? or does it fit together somehow?


So, what are your thoughts?  Let’s talk.

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